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EPFO Login

epf India

EPFO Login The UAN or even the Universal Account number is really a 12 digit unique number used on each person in Employee Provident Fund (EPF) which will help him to control all his EPF accounts. The UAN is going to be connected with an employee and will connect all his PF (Provident Fund) accounts across organizations. This number is issued by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India. If someone changes his job, he'll customize the PF account using the organization. By doing this, multiple PF account numbers will be allotted to an employee. Multiple PF account numbers is an section of concern as numerous employees report grievances associated with transfer and withdrawal of PF amount.

How To Sign in the UAN/EPFO Login Process:
UAN Account Number:

epf India

To login at UAN member portal, make use of the consumer id and password. Your UAN number would behave as the consumer ID while password would be the same which was created at the time of UAN activation.

If you forgot the password, you can reset it. An OTP is distributed for your mobile number to reset the password.

After the login, you'd reach at UAN dashboard. You would get following option inside the UAN dashboard.

- Download
o Member Pass Book Download
o Download UAN Card
- Previous Member-IDs
o List Previous Member ID
o View Status
- Transfer Claim
o File Transfer Claim
o View Transfer Claim Status
o System Generated Transfer Claim Status
- Profile
o Edit Mobile Number
o Edit Email Id
o Update KYC Information
o Change Password
o Edit Personal Details

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